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The discipline and glamour of the CEO were always part of her life, she started very young representing impressive brands (D&Bond, Calvin Klein, MNG, etc.), at the age of 21 she forged her fashion and advertising company, she was the pioneer in the realization of fashion shows and live showcases, creating and designing events of great reception in mass media, companies, artists and the general public.

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DISELOCONMIGO (DC) Business Group, is a company with a wide range of options in the area of communication, marketing, advertising, decorations, planning and event. Its elegant, seductive, unrepeatable and thematic style challenges the limits of creativity and places it as number one in consultancy and events.

With 19 years of experience in communications consultancy, public relations, advertising, event organization and protocol, this firm is known for its impeccable eye, originality, refinement and control when creating an image, designing a strategy, refreshing a brand and bringing an event to life. 

Currently Diseloconmigo Business Group manages the successfull brand in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) RECAPACICLANDO with the Yachana Foundation promotes the care of the planet under the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), positioning several companies within this area with success in business.

Over the years her foundations, professional training, experience and team became stronger and DISELOCONMIGO was born as a company that make dreams become true. Every event, detail, and strategy always has the magical, innovative, fresh, original and impeccable touch that reflects the vision of this company, so much so that multinational companies have placed their total confidence in the hands of this brilliant businesswoman.

«My brain never stops creating, every moment of my day is a new business door, it motivates me to know the needs of people and look for impactful, real and profitable solutions, even when I sleep the images come and go, I wake up, I write it down in my notebook and the next day, ready, there it is». 

At DISELOCONMIGO the whole year is a year of hard work and negotiations if you want to work with us send us your resume.

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